Eric's Opinion: Broken Age: Act 1

After getting a ton of money on kickstarter and then running out of that money, Broken Age is finally here. Is being only half of a game at the moment a detriment to it? Is this a example of what can go wrong when video game get to much money? Is it any fun? check out the video to find out.

Just Cool Enough: Episode 218 - Trifecta

This week Ike tells a story about almost getting into a fight over parking spaces and Joe gets mad at Dell computers... Then we talk for a long time without realizing how out of touch we are with kids these days.

Just Cool Enough - Trifecta


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Just Cool Enough: Episode 217 - Nerd Fight

This week Joe and I have, what I think, is a perficatly resonable and level headed debate about stupid video game stuff before we move on to burrito vending machines.


Just Cool Enough - Nerd Fight

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Just Cool Enough: Episode 216 - Continuum

This week we get a magical email from the future that blows our mind's and then talk about converting all of our money into fake internet money so we can buy knitted hats.... and we talked about something called Steam Box... 

Just Cool Enough - Continuum


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Just Cool Enough: Episode 215 - Raccoon Talk

This week we talk about all the crap we got for Christmas that we don't need, Eric wouldn't shut up about raccoons, and then we desided to all become authors.

Just Cool Enough - Raccoon Talk

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Just Cool Enough: Episode 214 - On My Own

This week Ike is away and we spend a lot of time talking about the toys we used to get as children and how best to avoid you family on the holidays.

Just Cool Enough - On My Own

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Just Cool Enough: Episode 213 - Guy Pierri

This week we talking about all the money that we make on these videos and how the NSA is spying on us in World of Warcraft.

Just Cool Enough - Guy Pierri


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Eric's Opinion: Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon

This week I've been crawling through dungeons because I don't know. Is this an Adventure Time game worthy of this show or is it just another lazy video game tie in? Watch the video to find out.